Add May 9th (11-am-2pm) to your calendar to attend an informative seminar (with lunch) on ‘LITHIUM ION BATTERY ISSUES’ to be held at the offices of the Society of Automotive Engineers located @ 755 W Big Beaver in Troy, MI.

If LITHIUM ION BATTERIES are in, on or pass through your facility; you should attend to better understand the issues, consequences and SOLUTIONS should you be faced with a thermal incident.  Please RSVP or call Bill Arvo @ 586.746.4020  or  Gerry Flood @ 248.752.7110 .  Visit and follow us on Facebook.

Lithium ion batteries are found in nearly any type of portable electronics including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. What you may not realize is that these batteries can pose a significant fire hazard of improperly stored or handled and conventional fire protection systems can't extinguish these battery fires. When you and your organization are involved with the TESTING, TRANSPORT and /or STORAGE of LITHIUM ION battery technologies; you should consider (and call) a company with the knowledge and experience to help you properly manage the risk.


  • Battery Transport Systems
  • Battery Storage Systems
  • Sationary Energy Storage Suppression Systems
  • In-Vehicle Battery Suppression
  • Battery Test Chamber Suppression Systems


  • Introduction to Batteries
  • Li (Ion) Battery Failure
  • Battery Transport & Storage
  • Li (Ion) Battery Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Response Process
  • Manual Fire Suppression


  • Battery Safety Assessments
  • Safety System Design
  • Emergency Response Procedure Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development